Fan models

Fan models

Propeller fan

Propeller fans are manufactured in table and floor models. The larger the propeller diameter, the better the fan power.

  • The table fan fits on a sturdy base, such as a table. Table fans are available in different sizes. The table fan requires some space, as it turns from side to side when blown. Table fans cost about 1000 to 2500 rupees.
  • The floor-standing fan is bigger and more efficient than the table model. Different sizes of models are available. Underfloor fans cost around 1000 to 10000 rupees.

Tower models

Tower fans are available in table and floor models. The advantage of a tower fan is that it is also suitable for confined spaces.

  • The table tower fan is narrower than the propeller model and can be placed on a table or other sturdy base.
  • A floor-standing tower fan is a larger and more efficient device than a table tower fan.
  • Tower fans cost around 3500 to 7500 rupees.

Platform less model

A couple of years ago, a platform less fan model with frames alone without blades came on the market. The air comes from the frames. The fans are modern in design, safe and easy to keep clean. The fans are available as a round table model and a floor-standing tower model, which is also suitable for confined spaces. Flatbed models cost around € 300-400.

Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a fixed ceiling fan that usually has 3 to 5 blades. In most cases, the fan can also be used as a luminaire.

  • The ceiling fan requires careful installation as the unit has a heavy motor. The ceiling fan cannot be attached to the lamp hook alone. 
  • On some models, the wings can be tuned separately for the winter or summer position.
  • Ceiling fans cost upwards of 1500 to 10000 rupees.

Fan features

A fan blowing speed and rotation

The fans usually have a choice of two to four operating speeds. All models have an oscillation function, which means that the fan turns from side to side. In the basic models and tower models, the fan only turns sideways.

On high-quality propeller models, the fan automatically creates an octagonal pattern. The more expensive models have an automatic gearshift that mimics the wind of nature blowing stronger and quieter in between. In addition, the best models have remote control and a timer function.

Fan material

The fans are made of either plastic or steel. Metal is a more durable material than plastic, but the AS plastic used today is harder than previous plastic grades. AS plastic is used to make, among other things, fan propeller blades. The airflow they produce is more efficient than older models because the wings do not bend.

Fan color

The colors of the fans are traditionally white, silver and black.

Cooling air conditioner

Cooling the air requires an air conditioner that requires constant maintenance. The air conditioner has a compressor that cools the air and blows it out. The appliance condenses water in a tank that can be emptied manually. Alternatively, the drain hose can be installed directly in the floor drain. Air conditioners cost around 300-600 euros.

Available fan models:

  • propeller fan
  • tower fan
  • platformless fan
  • ceiling fan.
  • The fan brings relief to the interior in the summer heat as it gets the air moving. The fan does not cool the air, it just rotates it. The device is easy to install and requires no maintenance.


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